We give clients the advice, support and intellectual firepower needed to level the playing field when they take on large corporates – we provide them with Equality of Arms.

We are a small firm, and our track record speaks for itself – we settle or win. Clients turn to us at critical moments in their commercial life, when the pressure and stress can be all-consuming.

We find a legal pathway through the crisis, giving clarity, confidence and hope.

Clients in crisis don’t want multiple options. Most law firms complicate and confuse matters. We are not afraid to offer offer clear business-focused advice and support clients making the tough calls.

Our culture is not anti-discriminatory – we are COUNTER discriminatory. We do not accept discrimination or oppressive practices on any level. Our people reflect the diversity of our society in all its forms – ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class and neurocognition.

We are attracted to individuals who have had to fight in life, overcome personal challenges or come from disadvantaged backgrounds. It’s the right thing to do and they make great lawyers.

Corporate & Social Responsibility for us is not an add-on or a nice to have – it’s fundamental to what we believe and how we build our firm. We do not tick the box. We create the box.